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This is a blog written by an anime fan of Gundam seed destiny,though nt much,but hope that i can make new friends nya~

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Maybe I am a born-scary cat.I'm afraid of ghosts,ghouls,vampires,pontianaks,monsters etc...I'm a bit scared of witches,wizards(not Harry-Potter of course!)Tell me a ghost story,i'll remember for days and nitez....But if i were to put them on my fear-factor list,Pontianaks and Vampires rank 1st.O_____O;;

Upon seeing the anime of HELLSING.Gosh!it's all BLOOD & GORE.This is one of the most exciting,blood thirsty thriller anime i've seen so far?The other one i've seen with much gore is GHOST IN THE SHELL,but it ain't bloody.If only i wasn't that timid,i'd have watch this classic anime properly.

Humans and Vampires,can they co-exist?Many tv serials or some animes have tried various potrayals of each definitions.But I consider Hellsing as the BEST!Slick plot and excellent graphics make up the mark too.Hope i'll be able to see the finale of this gruesome anime of all time.

Quite fed-up with unable to post up pics,i wonder wats wrong....>___>

Monday, December 19, 2005

Soukyuu no Fafner

Arh...after the last episode of Fafner ended,some people are wondering if there is a OVA or movie for tis anime...There is one though,right now in Japan,a Prequel actually-Right of Left.Sounds inquisiting....

The story narrates what actually happens when Soushi left for Tokyo...that is before kazuki appears in the story.XDD...The main protanganist,OMG!issin't he Shinn Asuka?....Man!..Fukuda!...He is a sad character,being scarificed to save his homeland*sobs*

Aged 15,he is also the head of the school student's council.Both his parents died.His father was killed in the battle against the festums,while his mum died of chronicle illness....He lived in a tent by the seaside,and owns a dog!Remember someone? XDD;;

There are some other characters which will be shown briefly to better complement his character..One of them is a beautiful,gorgeous class mate of his...*reminds me of CCS teacher!!!

I am very anticipating about this particular boy,he seems mysterious,a bit charismatic with a tinge of sadness in his face....i 'd like to know his entire life story...The resemblance of Shinn Asuka i guess? LOL

There isn't much chemistry between him and Soushi...Hmm,guess he is only concerned with kazuki? LOL XDD''' or is he preoccupied with the only paradise he has?..This is one very interesting topic to look upon!

How i wish i would be able to see it!!!! Damn comp juz so stubborn*Hump*

Friday, December 16, 2005


I am utterly angry at someone who copied my ideas..supposedly i have asked my friend to cosplay but i found tat she has been taken up by someone...haiz.i will lost my interest in tis friendship if tis continues....

Juz need to let out,otherwise i 'll go berserk....I can't stand such ppl...

Monday, November 28, 2005

CellDX Treasure & TV

Omg!!!i love tis series of the celldx...esp.Lacus! >.<...makes me wanna buy a whole lotsa GSD stuff coming up,like the seed club chibis[dunno if muz tikam one]

My sis gonna go RC tml,for the cellDX of course...die die muz get Lacus or kira cell*Argh*

hmmm,shall start my GSD project soon,tat is making the costumes,my aim is to get kira,shinn,lacus,meyrin,stellar,cagalli & athrun costumes as soon as possible coz i'm cosing....shall be getting kira casual & orb uni,shinn casual and zaft uni,stellar EA uni,Cagalli gown and orb uni....As for Lacus,shall be my 1st priority,which means i'm might make most of the costumes tat are available...same goes for Meyrin's as well ..>.<

Tis will take a yr,plus wif the private photoshots.....hope to do a decent one...*_*

Friday, November 04, 2005

My gloomy days

Hmm,nothing much to say anyway,tat's why i dun update tat often,n i already has a LJ blog=p.....juz doing housework,cleaning,washing,cooking(very bad) etc.....since i am bored,i might tag some ppl's blog(hope they dun kick me out!!!)

I've been oso reading some guy blog,think Rockson?.....though he writes bullshit...XD...he talks abt everythingyy,govt,CPF,COE,education system,sex oso...i'm nt one of them,but i read when i am too bored..BOREDOM kills!!!!...But sometimes,he gives constructive suggestions as well,if the govt cares?lol.

Will be oso checking xiaxue blog,the infamous s'porean gal blog,coz she won the best blogger award.....She receives hundreds of comments from all parts of s'pore,all eager to noe her life n insights to wat she is doing,haha,she can be a superstar already lah....

Wanna learn how to sew as well,been searching for a sewing class for me to attend.I oso wanna learn to bake,so tat i can bake for myself or share wif my friends...My mum bakes cake today,another failed attempt...but at least better than me loh,lolxxx.This means $$$$...X_X.

Think will be going to the new GL shop at Far East le..Can't wait to see all the pretty gothic clothes as well as the pretty shop owner...>.<...Scare tat i cannot resist the temptation to buy....muz control!*hump* Current mood:gloomy

Friday, October 21, 2005

Cosplay plans

Hmm,i've think for a long time,my sis & i will be cosplayin kamikaze tis eoy,bet no one will notice as usual....gotta take some shots as well..hmmm,as well as for gundam destiny plans,i wanna take shots as well.Lacus,meyrin,kira,shinn,maybe for cagalli as well.XD...still there are some things to plan as well,gotta get the wigs for my sis's finn access green wig as well as my boots... i hav to sacrifice many things to eat & buy...WHOA,MY JAP FOOD!!!!!!!...someone treat me to justify my angst.....=p.....may go to china square soon bah...^^ need a digicam badly as well....

Ever since,collecting GSD gds,i've nt save much....T_T..need to buck up saving more,plus anime dvds as well....

Hope to catch Black Cat,veri nice anime....Oh,sunday on ch U will hav D.N Angel as well as Saiyuki Reload....MUAHAHAHA.

i've created an account for myself in livejournal,coz i wanted to explore other blogs...i've nt done a single thing...>_>...i'm a computer noob bah...

my current mood:as above:Maron nya~*wanna glomp her*

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Link of yamatokira blog

tis is a link i hav copied from yamatokira blog,it is a nice blog.